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lucyrachel's Journal

crop circles in the carpet
Hi... Um, I'm Lucy. :)
1985, 88.1 fm, alcainça, androgyny, android epistemology, apples to apples, athlete, bach, bakeries, baking, baroque music, battlestar galactica, blackcurrants, blind pilot, brains, brit rock, buddhism, california, calvin and hobbes, candor, carleton, carleton college, cats, cavalier king charles spaniels, cheese, chocolate, cognitive science, coldplay, concerts, consciousness, cottage cheese, craft beer, creeper lagoon, cuddling, cylons, dance dance revolution, dogs, douglas hofstadter, facebook, farmers' markets, firefly, foxtrot, fractals, franz ferdinand, freshly baked bread, friday flowers, fry's electronics, game of thrones, getting mail, glasgow, glasgow university, glasses, good sci-fi, guster, gymkhana, gödel escher bach, harpsichord, heady music, holiday socks year round, homemade whipped cream, hugs, inside jokes, international phonetic alphabet, kansas city, kissing, kittens, knitting, krlx, languages, linguistics, livejournal, love, mad men, madeleine l'engle, madison, making things, matcha, minnesota, mumford and sons, music, music theory, my brother, my cat, my family, my friends, napping, northfield, ojai, owen meany, passover, pear juice, people in general, philosophy, procrastinating, protein from the sea, psychology, puns, putzing around, questions, quirkiness, rain, reading, recursion, red hair, religion, reminiscing, ribena, riding horses, romanesco broccoli, scotland, siblings, slap-happiness, sleep paralysis, sleeping, snow, snow patrol, soft kleenexes, spinning, spotify, spring, syncopation, taking pictures, tea, teddy bears, tension, tension resolved, thacher, the bay area, the color blue, the decemberists, the exploratorium, the phantom tollbooth, the plaza, the quad, thinking, travis, typing fast, unseasonable warmth, vegan cupcakes, vienna teng, viola da gamba, warm hats, warm showers, weather, weekends, wind, wisconsin, writing, yarn, yarn shops