crop circles in the carpet (lucyrachel) wrote,
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CNN has run yet another 'article' on relationships - about whether exes can be friends. It says that they can be, which is refreshing, given how CNN's relationship articles usually go! But of course, there are tons of comments from people being like, "UM, are you crazy? You broke up for a reason! Exes should NEVER be friends. That's just cruel to do to your new boyfriend! You'll make him jealous!"

Well, let's see. If I weren't friends with any exes...I'd be missing out on several greatly treasured friendships. And if my significant other had a jealousy issue over a platonic friendship of mine, that'd raise a serious alarm bell for me.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not saying people must be friends with their exes, or even that they ought to (you know, in a prescriptive way) try to be. And I get that some people don't want to be friends with any of their exes. I get that some people can't be friends with some of their exes (I do have exes I'm NOT friends with, too). It's just the black-and-white proclamations that people make that are ridiculous. And the assumption that friendships with exes are inherently threatening to a relationship.
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